Emoji theme Tambola

Hello everyone😊! Emojis have become such an essential part of our text messages, so much so that no message is complete without a 😊 smiley face or maybe a 😜 wink. So why not play a game based around emojis. So today on special request from a follower, bringing you an Emoji themed Tambola game. … More Emoji theme Tambola

Happy Holidays

Hey folks! Wassup? Making the most of this summer vacation? Everyone I know is either off on a holiday or is busy making travel plans. So I thought it would be great fun if we extend this holiday mania to our game as well. How to play It’s a simple crossword game wherein you need … More Happy Holidays

Pair the Word

Hello everyone. So we’re back with another fun one minute game which also happens to be a word game. So brace yourself and get ready to play ‘Pair the word’. How to play There are certain words in English language that are frequently used together as a pair. And given below are certain words, along … More Pair the Word

The Slang Queen

Hello ol u b’ful ppl! Gud 2 c u ol bak. Wondering what happened to my English? Ah! Just trying to catch up with the Internet slang thats so often used for text messages and chatting. It’s no longer just a matter of convenience, but also considered uber cool to use these acronyms, especially amongst … More The Slang Queen

Bell the Cat

Bringing you another simple one minute game ‘Bell the Cat’. So this ones a word game wherein you have to find a word that matches with the description or meaning of this word, specified in the first column. Now the catch is that this word has to either begin or end with the word ‘cat’ … More Bell the Cat