Bollywood Trivia

Hey! Are you a Bollywood buff like me? I simply love watching movies. No wonder I end up posting most games centred around the theme Bollywood. So here I am with yet another game which is a sort of a Bollywood quiz.

How to play
What follow are a few questions that give you clues regarding famous Bollywood personalities. All you need to do is guess who these Bollywood celebs are? So try out this simple quiz and check out for yourself how much you score on Bollywood Trivia.

  1. I belong to the first family of Bollywood. Everybody from my great grandfather to my grandfather to my parents to my uncles are actors. Infact, two of my cousins are also famous Bollywood actresses. Even my girlfriend is a hot shot actress. I am?

  2. After having tried my hands at TV serials, I entered the film industry and took it by storm. I have several awards to my name including the coveted National award. I recently tied the knot with a film honcho who is actually the CEO of Disney Motion Pictures. I am?

  3. I come from Ambala. After getting a degree from Manchester Business School, I worked as a PR consultant at Yash Raj Films before I became an actress. One of my first cousins is also a top Bollywood actress. I am?

  4. I am the son of an ex chief minister. I have been part of several Bollywood multi starrers. My wife is also a Bollywood actor. I have recently bagged a lot of awards for my contribution towards Marathi cinema. I am?

  5. I am a model turned actor. I was also crowned Ms Universe 2000. I’m married to an ace tennis player. After a short sabbatical, I’m making a comeback with the film Singh is Bling. I am?

  6. I’m the daughter of a famous Bollywood actor. I’m known across Bollywood as the ultimate fashion diva. I’m also one of the brand ambassadors of Loreal Paris in India. I am?

  7. I am the son of a famous Bollywood action director. My wife is a top Bollywood actress. I can boast of several commercial as well as critically acclaimed movies in my kitty. I’m also the lead actor of a famous comedy movie that has several sequels to its name. I am?


  1. Ranbir Kapoor 
  2. Vidya Balan
  3. Parineeti Chopra
  4. Ritesh Deshmukh
  5. Lara Dutta
  6. Sonam Kapoor 
  7. Ajay Devgan

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