Tol Mol ke Bol

Tol mol ke Bol. Sounds familiar? Doesn’t it. Remember that show back in the 90s hosted by Madhvan where a host of items were put up on display and the participants had to guess the price of the article? Yes that’s exactly what you have to do in this game.

How to play
You’ll be given a list of simple utility items. The host of the party can either announce the items one by one or give all the participants individual sheets with the list mentioned on it. All you have to do is guess the price of the items in Indian rupees. The host will tally the answers of all the participants and the one who mentions the correct price of the item (or is closest to the correct price in case nobody manages to guess the exact price) will be given a point for the item. Every item carries 1 point each. So in the end, the participant who scores the highest points by guessing the correct price (or closest price) of the maximum items will be adjudged winner.

Make your own list of items with their current prices. Remember, that by prices, we mean MRP.

The following is my list of items with their respective prices that I used for one of my kitty parties for your reference.

  • I phone 6 (16 GB)  –  ₹53,500
  • Kinley water bottle (1l) – ₹20
  • Coke tin – ₹30
  • Dairy milk chocolate bar (55gms) – ₹60
  • Body Shop Body butter (200 ml) – ₹1095
  • Maybelline Colossal kajal – ₹175
  • Honda City (base model ex showroom) – 7.56 lacs
  • Hindustan Times newspaper – ₹6
  • 24c Gold (10 gms) – ₹26,070
  • Petrol (1l) – ₹63.20

Please note: The prices of the products may vary from time to time and from city to city. So make sure you recheck the current prices before playing this game.


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