Valentine’s Day special Tambola Dividends

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Love is in the air and I’m sure each one of you is all set to celebrate this special day with your beloved. So why not incorporate this romantic day in a game of tambola too. So here we are with some interesting Valentine’s day special tambola dividends.

How to play
Write down random numbers from 1-90 in each box on your ticket. Numbers will be called out and you need to strike them off on your ticket like you do in your regular tambola game. Let’s take a look at the ticket.



Take a print of this ticket and look for the following dividends.

  • Love at first call
    If the first number called out is on your ticket, then claim for Love at first call. In case there is no claimant for this dividend, then the prize money is to be included in the House money.

  • Sealed with a Kiss
    As you may have noticed on your ticket, two squares have been woven together with lips. In all there are 3 sets of these squares. So when you’ve marked/striked off the numbers in all the boxes interwoven with a kiss, then claim for Sealed with a Kiss.

  • Heart to Heart
    So there are two pink hearts on each of your tickets. And when you’ve marked off all the numbers between these two hearts (numbers in all the four boxes in the bottom line, on this ticket), then claim for Heart to Heart.

  • I Love You
    On each of your ticket, there are three boxes that say I Love You. So when the numbers in all the three boxes have been marked, then claim for I Love You.

  • House
    So when you’ve marked off all the numbers in all the boxes, claim for house by shouting Happy Valentines Day.

Hope you liked our Valentine’s Day dividends. Stay tuned for some more Valentine’s Day special games to make your parties all the more mushy and romantic.


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