Musical Tipi Tipi Tap

Hello all you wonderful people. I know we’ve been missing from action for a while now. But we promise to make up for it by bringing you some really cool and fun games, one of which is Musical Tipi Tipi Tap. I’m sure each one of you has grown up playing tipi tipi tap. But we’ve given this game a musical twist to make it all the more fun. So here we go!

How to play
So we take a bowl full of chits. Each chit carries the name of a color. Now each player has to pull out a chit one by one and announce the name of the color as mentioned on the chit. But like we always did when we were kids. It goes, “Tipi tipi tap”, and the other players ask, “what color you want?”, and then you say “I want Black” (or whatever color is mentioned on the chit pulled out). Now the twist is that all the players need to pen down songs with the color called out on a piece of paper as and when a color chit is drawn. Every song carries one point each. So in the end, when you’re through with all the chits and colors, whoever ends up with the maximum points would be the winner.

Also mentioning a few colors with their respective songs for your reference.

  • Black
    Yeh kaali kaali aankhein
    Kaala shah kaala
    Kaali nagin ke jaisi zulfein teri kaali kaali
    Hum kale hain to kya hua dilwale hain
    Kaali Teri gut te paranda tera lal ni
    Jhoot bole kauva kaate, kale kauve se dariyo

  • Red
    Lal dupatta ud gaya tera hawa ke jhonke se
    Lal chadi maidaan khadi
    Lal ganj ke lal bagh se lal chunariya layi, chunari chunari
    Lady in red, is dancing with me

  • Green
    Hum pe yeh kisne hara rang daala
    Dulhe ki saaliyon hare dupatte waaliyon
    Gori hai kalaiyan, pehnade mujhe hari hari choodiyan

  • Blue
    Neele neele ambar par
    Neele Gagan ke taley
    Neela aasman so gaya
    Dil dooba, Dil dooba, neeli aakhon mein yeh dil dooba

  • Orange
    Mora rang de basanti chola
    Rang de tu mohe gerua

  • Pink
    Gulabi aanhein jo teri dekhi

  • Silver
    Chaandi jaisa rang hai tera

  • Golden
    Yeh chaand sa roshan chehra, zulfon ka rang sunehra
    Sona kitna sona hai

  • White
    Chitiyaan kalaiyan ve
    White white face dekhoon

So take a trip down memory lane, sing along, hum a line or two, and make this musical game all the more enthralling.


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