The Handbag Queen

We all love flaunting our designer handbags at our kitty parties. Don’t we? So, I thought I must post something related to this prized possession all women are crazy about. Played this game at one of my kitties and loved it for being simple yet so much fun. So today we’re here to find out who the undisputed ‘Handbag Queen‘ is? So you must be thinking that this game is about the most expensive bag. No my friend, it’s about the stuff you carry in those exorbitant branded totes of yours.

How to play?
What follows is a list of items we’re looking for in your handbag. Every item carries 1 point each.

  • Credit card (maximum no. of credit cards)

  • Lipstick/ Gloss

  • Comb/ Brush

  • Small Mirror 

  • 1₹ coin (maximum no. of coins)

  • Pen

  • Hand Sanitiser

  • Candy/ Chocolate/ Toffee/ Peppermint 

  • Handkerchief

  • Safety pins

  • Perfume

  • Crocin/ any medicine

  • Phone Charger

  • Sanitary Napkin

  • Husband’s Picture (this one carries 5 points 😜)

So the one with the maximum points would be the winner and will be declared:

                                    The Handbag Queen


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