Skip the Multiples

Hello everyone! How are you all? It’s been a while since I posted a game. So here I am, with an interesting game “Skip the Multiples”. It’s a really simple game, but requires alertness of mind.

How to play
All the players need to be seated in a circle. Now with mutual consent, choose a number (say for example 3). Now start counting while skipping all multiples of 3. So we start from 1, the second player says 2, but the third player needs to say 4 (skipping the 3), next player says 5, next 7 (skipping 6), next 8, next 10 (skipping 9) and so on. Players need to be really attentive as all the numbers would be spoken in quick succession, one after the other. So whenever a player errs and forgets to skip the multiple or takes too long, he would be eliminated from the game. And then the game begins again with the rest of the players starting from the number 1. You could also keep changing the number (whose multiples you have to skip) in every round to make it more interesting.

So one player will be eliminated in every round and the player who manages to stay till the end, eliminating all other players one by one would be declared winner.


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