Interesting Tambola Variations

So all you lovely people. Making the most of the weekend? Great! So today, on special request from a fellow blogger, bringing you some interesting Tambola variations that can be played with your regular Tambola ticket. So no printing tickets, no writing numbers, just playing Tambola, but with a twist. 

Here are some fun Variations

  • Add One (+1)

Now this is really interesting. Tickets will be distributed, numbers will be called out and you need to mark /strike them off like you do in your regular Tambola. But there is a twist. You need to strike off the number that is plus one (+1) the number called out if you have it on your ticket. For example: If 1 is called out, strike 2, if 12 then strike 13, if 79, then 80 and if 90 is called then strike 1.

  • Minus One (-1)

So like you added 1 to the numbers called out in the previous variation, you need to subtract one (-1) from the number called. So if 1 is called, strike 90, if 20 then 19, if 65 then 64 and so on.

  • Mad House

Now this one is my favourite. In this you need to strike off the number called out, but in the reverse order, so if 1 is called, strike off 10, if 20 is called strike 2, if 72 is called strike 27 and so on. But the numbers 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, 69, 79 and 89 will be marked as it is and not in their reverse order.

Go with your regular dividends of Early 5, top, middle and bottom lines, corners and house for the above variations. So have fun with these interesting variations and perk up your boring, monotonous Tambola game.



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