The Slang Queen

Hello ol u b’ful ppl! Gud 2 c u ol bak. Wondering what happened to my English? Ah! Just trying to catch up with the Internet slang thats so often used for text messages and chatting. It’s no longer just a matter of convenience, but also considered uber cool to use these acronyms, especially amongst the younger lot. So why not play a game set around this trend and checkout how much you know the slang?

How to play
Mentioned below are a few abbreviations that are commonly used as slang while texting, chatting etc. All you have to do is write down the full forms of these abbreviations. Don’t worry we’ve short listed the most simple ones. Time limit would be 1 minute, and the one with the maximum right answers would be declared “The Slang Queen/ King.”

  • Lol

  • Rofl

  • OMG

  • Btw

  • FYI

  • YOLO

  • BRB

  • WTF

  • BFF

  • Bae

  • ATM

  • ASAP

  • LMAO

  • IDK

  • G2G

Answer sheet

  • Laugh out loud

  • Rolling on the Floor laughing

  • Oh my God

  • By the way

  • For your information

  • You only live once

  • Be right back

  • What the F—

  • Best Friends Forever

  • Babe

  • At the moment

  • As soon as possible

  • Laughing my ass off

  • I don’t know

  • Got to go

Also forward this game to all your whatsapp groups and checkout whose the most well versed in using the slang.


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