Teej special Musical game

I just love the festivity that goes around Teej. Women decked up in their finest clothes and jewellery, singing songs, enjoying swing rides, applying mehndi, relishing ghewar and basically making merry. So why not play a game set around this festival?

How to play
Well, this game has two parts. Firstly, make a list of things that women love to adorn on themselves for Teej, on a paper. And second, mention a song related to that item. It could be a Bollywood number, or even a folk song. You get a minutes time to complete this task. Every answer carries 2 points (1 for the item and 1 for the song). So the one who manages to accumulate the highest points would be the winner.

Mentioned below are a few items with their respective songs for your reference.

  • Mehndi

Mehndi hai rachne waali

  • Bangles /Choodiyan

Mere haathon mein nau nau Choodiyan

  • Bindi

Bindiya chamkegi

  • Earrings /Jhumke

Jhumka gira re

  • Anklet /Payal

Payaliyaa ho ho ho

  • Necklace /Mala

Mujhe naulakha manga de re

  • Sindoor

Chutki bhar sindoor se tum ab yeh maang

To make it even more exciting, ask all your kitty friends to dress up for the ocassion. Wearing green is considered auspicious on Teej. So it could be a traditional salwar kameez or saree in green, or maybe green bangles or bindi. So have fun and make the most of this monsoon festival. Here’s wishing you all a Happy Teej.


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