Independence Day special game Ball for my Bowl

Like I had promised, here I am with my Independence Day special game. “Ball for my Bowl” is a fun, one minute game that can be played by one and all. I’m sure you must have played this game before, but we’ve given it an interesting tricolor twist. So roll up your sleeves and get ready to play “Ball for my Bowl”.

How to play

You’ll be given two bowls, one empty and the other one filled with colored thermacol balls. All you need to do is, pick up the balls and transfer them to the empty bowl. But the catch is, that you only have to pick up the ones in saffron, white and green colors and that too with a straw. Yes, you’ll be handed over a straw and you need to suck and pull out the balls and dump them into the empty bowl.

Play this game one by one. Every participant gets 1 minute time each and the one who manages to get the maximum balls transferred, will be adjudged winner. But mind you any balls other than the tricolor ones shall not be counted.


Ball for my bowl is a perfect game for your kitty and house parties. This is one fun game even the kids are going to love.


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