Independence Day special Party themes

With just a few days left to Independence Day, are you already feeling patriotic? So we at have got you some interesting themes set around Independence Day to incorporate in your kitty parties or for that matter even your house parties (15th August being a national holiday, I’m sure a lot of you are already planning house parties).


If it’s a house party, you’ll definitely need to work on the decor. Draw some inspiration from the tricolor flag and work around that color theme. It could be balloons and kites in saffron, white and green or maybe a small tricolor rangoli using colored rice or even dals for that matter. If you’re up for it, you could also make a peacock rangoli (peacock being our national bird goes well with the theme). I recently spotted a tricolor candle at a home decor store that had a whole lot of merchandise themed around the up coming Independence Day. So picking up some cool stuff  from these stores would also be a good idea. image

Food and beverages

Now sticking to our tricolor theme, it would be great fun to incorporate the theme into our food too. Begin with a tricolor grilled tomato, paneer and capsicum starter set on a skewer served with a tricolor mocktail. Use tomato and mint sauces creatively while plating to make it resemble the tricolor. Make use of food colors to turn your regular idlis, dhoklas and pulav into tricolor delicacies. You could even try a tricolor pasta (colored pasta is easily available in stores), if you’re keen on some Italian food. And if you have a sweet tooth, then the tricolor macaroons are a must have for your party. image

Dressing up

Now comes my favourite part, dressing up for the occasion. Well I would certainly not recommend you to dress up in a tricolor outfit and end up looking like a moron. Instead, use the theme in a more innovative way with bangles, bindis or maybe even a tricolor nail art. Team it up with a crisp white chikankari suit to make your tricolor accessories stand out. image

So these were a few ideas for an Independence Day theme party. Try them out, have fun, make the most of this day and get back to us with your pictures. Also watch this space for some exciting games set around Independence Day.


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