Related to You?

Hello all you gorgeous women! Here comes another fun one minute game ‘Related to you?’ This ones a simple but tricky game wherein you have to name the relation you share with the following people. All of the following are immediate first relations, but have been played around with to create confusion. So work up your gray cells and get ready to answer how are the following ‘Related to You?’

Your mother’s husband’s son —– is your Brother

  1. Your husband’s, mother’s, husband’s son

  2. Your mother’s, son’s, father’s wife

  3. Your brother’s, father’s, mother’s husband

  4. Your daughter’s, sister’s, father’s daughter

  5. Your father in law’s, wife’s, son’s son

  6. Your grandfather’s, son’s wife

  7. Your father’s, daughter’s, mother’s husband

  8. Your sister’s, brother’s mother

  9. Your son’s, mother’s, husband’s daughter

  10. Your brother’s, wife’s, mother in law’s son

Answer sheet

The above people are :

  1. Your husband

  2. Your mother

  3. Your grandfather

  4. Your daughter

  5. Your son

  6. Your mother

  7. Your father

  8. Your mother

  9. Your daughter

  10. Your brother

The one who gets the maximum right answers in a time span of 1 minute would be the winner.


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