Related to You?

Hello all you gorgeous women! Here comes another fun one minute game ‘Related to you?’ This ones a simple but tricky game wherein you have to name the relation you share with the following people. All of the following are immediate first relations, but have been played around with to create confusion. So work up … More Related to You?

Call my Color

Here comes another fun and interesting, one minute game for all you ladies. It’s easy to play but demands alertness of mind. So we’ve listed down some colors. All you need to do is call out the names of the colors in the order mentioned. Now that sounds really simple. Doesn’t it? But we’ve got … More Call my Color

Bell the Cat

Bringing you another simple one minute game ‘Bell the Cat’. So this ones a word game wherein you have to find a word that matches with the description or meaning of this word, specified in the first column. Now the catch is that this word has to either begin or end with the word ‘cat’ … More Bell the Cat