Christmas Crossword

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Santa clause is coming to town riding on the sleigh! Yippee! Christmas is just around the corner. I remember, how we just adored this festival as kids. Each one of us used to write our wish and keep it under the pillow, and to our amazement, that gift was right besides our pillow the next day. Don’t know how many times our parents have become Santa for us, making Santa a much loved character. So today we’ve got you an easy crossword centred around the much loved Santa.

How to play
No, you don’t need to locate clues relating to Christmas. All you have to do is locate as many “Santa” in the crossword. You get 2 minutes time to achieve this feat. You can find Santa horizontally as well as vertically. The player who manages to find the most number of Santa(s)in the crossword would be adjudged winner. So go for it.










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