Janmashtmi special Crossword

Haathi ghoda palki, Jai Kanhaiya lal ki. Janmashtmi fever is slowly catching up. Markets are flooded with colourful laddu gopal dresses, jhulas and bansuris. So we decided to make a game around this beautiful vibrant festival. So here we go, with our Janmashtmi special game which is also our first crossword game.


How to play

Hidden in this crossword are 11 names of Krishna. You can find them horizontally as well as vertically. You get 2 minutes time to locate as many names as you can. So the player who finds the maximum names would be the winner. What follows is the list of names of Krishna you need to find on the crossword. So whether you want to disclose these names to the players beforehand or not is totally your choice.

  • Krishna

  • Gopal

  • Kanha

  • Govind

  • Madhav

  • Murari

  • Hari

  • Shyam

  • Keshav

  • Mohan

  • Banwari

Solved crossword



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