Alphabet for my Eatables

Hey all you lovely ladies! How many of you are a foodie like me? I’m sure majority of you just love gorging. So today I’ve come up with a game that’s set around some of your favourite food items. This game is a mix of both English and Hindi language wherein you need to fill the blank space with a letter from the alphabet (A-Z) to complete the eatable items given below in Hindi. Time limit would be 1 minute. So brace yourself, put on your thinking caps and get ready to play ‘Alphabet for my eatables’


आईस ___     आईस T
गु___या          गु Gया

  1. ___ज़ा

  2. चोकलेट पु___ग

  3. ___मरती

  4. रसमल___

  5. पॉव भा___

  6. ___रयानी

  7. खाँड़___

  8. मि___ रोटी

  9. ___रियो

  10. जल ___रा

  11. ___क

  12. मिश___ दोही

  13. कि___

  14. भिं___

  15. ___डली

  16. टौर___लास

  17. जले___

  18. ___टा ब्रैड

  19. ___सर क़ुल्फ़ी

  20. ___लाइची

Answer sheet

  1. ज़ा

  2. चोकलेट पु D

  3. Eमरती

  4. रसमल I

  5. पॉव भा G

  6. Bरयानी

  7. खाँड़ V

  8. मि C रोटी

  9. Oरियो

  10. जल Gरा

  11. K

  12. मिश T दोई

  13. कि V

  14. भिं D

  15. Eडली

  16. टौर Tलास

  17. जले B

  18. Pटा ब्रैड

  19. Kसर क़ुल्फ़ी

  20. Eलाइची


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